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Taxi dispatch software - Vaama Taxi

VaamaTaxi is a taxi dispatch software to manage your taxi business.There are three different roles in this software. User books taxi through the mobile app and the booking notification will be sent to the driver then driver accepts the booking using the driver mobile app if he is free, finally the order is completed. The admin control and manage this process using web back end also he can generate the complete report on taxi business.

VaamaTaxi includes the web backend for admin and dispatcher, Mobile app for customer and driver.It is a taxi dispatch software for those taxi and minicab companies who looking for an automated taxi dispatch software with mobility. You can set up and manage customer billings and accounts. You can take bookings through online, via mobile app, or phone calls and automatically it gets assigned to the drivers in an efficient way.

What you have to do is ?

You can get this VaamaTaxi, in your own taxi brand name. Also you can customize as per your needs. Then you can run your taxi business with our taxi dispatch software. Using this VaamaTaxi solution, Manual work, and mistakes would be reduced. Attract your customers and increase revenue.

To whom, VaamaTaxi is suitable for

  • Who runs taxi business without any taxi dispatch software
  • Any business man would like to do taxi business by adding multiple taxi vendors & earn commission from each vendor.
taxi dispatch software

Taxi dispatch software - Roles in Vaama taxi app

taxi dispatch software for admin


Admin can manage dispatchers, drivers, and customers through web panel. And permissions are provided for admin.

taxi dispatch software for dispatcher


The Dispatcher can manage drivers and taxi. Also, can assign trip to taxi drivers through web panel.

taxi dispatch software for driver


The Driver gets notified through mobile after the customer books for the taxi

taxi dispatch software for customer


The customer can book the taxi through mobile and you can get the taxi immediately from nearby your location.

Induce growth to your taxi business with our Taxi dispatch

  • App in your brand name

    We provide this solution in your own brand name.

  • RTL (Right To Left)

    You can use multiple languages and RTL (Right to Left) also.

  • Customizable

    You can do any feature customization if you have ideas.

  • Security

    We provide high security for your solutions

  • Responsive

    Provide mobile friendly web for Admin and Dispatcher.

  • Free installation & set up

    We do the installation and set up on your server at free of cost.

  • Report

    Get the complete report of your taxi business in one click.

  • Support

    Technical support for three months after installing.

  • More

    Click here for more features.

How vaama taxi app works?

Taxi dispatch software work flow

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